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  • Lose up to 4 kg weight naturally.
  • Reduces body weight, water based weight, swelling.
  • No side effects 100% organic.
  • Increases Metabolism, Improves digestion, detoxify body.
  • 60 tablets


How much weight can we lose using Agislim? How it works?

Agislim is a natural weight loss product. Totally organic without any steroids. By using Agislim you can lose upto 4 kg in one month without any side effects. It suppresses hunger, increases metabolism, burns extra fat, and boosts energy. Agislim not only reduces weight but also reduces water based weight and swelling. It also increases serotonin level (Happy Hormone) to keep your mood happy which helps in reducing tension and depression related eating.

Are there any side effects of Agislim?

Agislim is a completely organic product, specially made for weight loss. It has no side effects at all. No nausea, no hormones issue, no kidney pain, no cramps in stomach. Because it reduces weight gradually and naturally without any chemical so there is no chance to regain weight after stop using it.

We are registered with Drap Pakistan this is our guarantee. Our certificate is available on our website.

Is there any diet and exercise with Agislim?

Leave fry things, bakery items, cold drinks. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar, Rice in boiled shape once a week. Twenty minutes’ walk or exercise is recommended. We also provide strict diet plan for better results on request.

How many tablets are there in Agislim’s one bottle? For how long we have to use agislim?

There are 60 tablets in one bottle. One bottle is for one month. You can lose 4 kg per month. So use it until you achieve your desired weight according to international standards (BMI).

How to use?

For height 5.5 and weight 71 kg and above use as follows:

3 tablets daily

One tablet 30 minutes before breakfast

One tablet 30 minutes before lunch

One tablet 30 minutes before dinner.

What are the Ingredients of Agislim?

Agislim has been made with 100% organic herbs and it is completely safe to use. Below are the ingredients used in manufacturing of Agislim. –

. Coffea Arabica (Breaks down the fat) –

. Camellia Sinensis (Boosts the immune system) –

. Taraxacum Officinale (Detox the body) –

. Garnecia Cambogia (Suppress appetite) –

. Echinacea Officinale (Power the cholesterol level)

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Other FAQs

Age and sex related use: People of the age 15 and above can use Agislim. Agislim can be used both by males and females.

Can Agislim be used by feeding mothers and females planning pregnancy?

Females planning pregnancy will stop taking Agislim from the day when they plan to get Pregnant. Feeding mothers cannot use Agislim when they are on feed. They can use when they stop Feeding.

Polycystic ovaries syndrome –PCO, s---

Females with PCO, s can and should use Agislim. It will be helpful to lose weight gained because Of PCO, s

Can Agislim be used by statin induced patients i.e. ---sugar, Blood pressure, heart disease Thyroid etc.?

Yes. But they will start from one tablet daily for one week and will monitor their condition i.e.

Blood pressure, sugar level etc. If it remains normal and if the medicine suits them, then they will start taking

Two tablets daily.